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mmWave chip enables multibeam multiplexing

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  • 2023-09-23 20:18:44

Fujitsu has developed a mmWave chip that supports multibeam multiplexing (excluding polarization multiplexing) for use in the radio units (RUs) of 5G base stations. The technology enables up to four beams to be multiplexed by a single chip through the use of mmWave beamforming.

With conventional technologies, a single millimeter-wave chip is used to generate a single beam, resulting in larger RUs and increased power consumption. When the newly developed technology was applied in actual base stations, Fujitsu demonstrated that it is possible to achieve high speed and high capacity communications at 10 Gbps or more in half the size of a conventional RU. This technology will allow for systems with fewer millimeter-wave chips, which can ultimately reduce power consumption by as much as 30% per RU.

Fujitsu’s development effort was undertaken as part of the Research and Development Project of the Enhanced Infrastructures for Post-5G Information and Communication Systems commissioned by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). The company aims to begin worldwide commercial deployment of RUs equipped with the multibeam multiplexing technology in fiscal year 2024. Subsequently, the technology will be applied to base station centralized unit and distributed unit (CU/DU) products and offered globally in fiscal 2025.

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A datasheet for the mmWave chip was not available at the time of this announcement.


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