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Generative AI services improve IoT deployments

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  • 2023-09-23 20:18:50

Soracom, a provider of managed IoT connectivity services, offers three new services that expand access to AI-driven insights for IoT deployments. The company’s Query, Relay, and Harvest Data Intelligence services work together or separately to analyze IoT device data on the fly or connect devices to the AI/ML capabilities available through leading hyperscale platforms.

Soracom Relay allows customers to use any existing RTSP/RTP-compatible camera to acquire and securely transmit audio and video data to Soracom’s Harvest Files for storage or to a cloud destination for computer vision and video analytics. Cloud support includes AWS S3 and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams.

The Query service lets customers use SQL queries from BI tools or CLI to mine IoT device data without setting up their own servers or storage. This managed data warehouse capability makes it easier to run complex analytical queries on large IoT datasets and feed the results to ML projects.

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Enhancing Soracom’s existing serverless data storage and visualization capability, Harvest Data Intelligence applies generative AI to analyze time series data and identify trends, patterns, outliers, and abnormalities. It can also use the data provided to perform further analysis.

For example, a municipality can use Soracom Relay to monitor road traffic, while Harvest Data Intelligence analyzes the stored data. Soracom Query can then guide decisions on the best times to schedule road repairs or to predict how changes in traffic patterns will impact existing infrastructure.

Both Relay and Query services are available for technical preview to interested Soracom customers. Harvest Data Intelligence is now in public beta.


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