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Five criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooringwww.jiepeng-plastic.com

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  • 2023-11-23 09:15:23

Five criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooring 【Official website:https://leaderhubifp.com/LeaderhubCSeries/376.html】

The five major criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooring will be analyzed in detail in this article. In today's decoration materials market, PVC plastic flooring has become a popular choice for home decoration due to its environmental protection, wear resistance, anti-slip and other characteristics. However, there are various types and brands of PVC plastic flooring on the market, and how to choose the product that suits you has become the focus of attention. Next, let us take a look at the five major criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooring.

The first major standard: environmental protection and safety

When purchasing PVC plastic flooring, the first thing to consider is its environmental protection. High-quality PVC plastic flooring should comply with national environmental protection standards and contain no harmful chemical components such as phenolic resin. In addition, PVC plastic flooring should also pass relevant certifications, such as the EU environmental label, national green building materials certification, etc. Choosing environmentally friendly and safe PVC plastic flooring can not only protect the health of your family, but also create a good indoor air environment.

The second major criterion: wear resistance

As a floor decoration material, PVC plastic flooring needs to have good wear resistance. The wear-resistant layer is an important part of PVC plastic flooring, and its quality is directly related to the service life of the floor. A good PVC plastic floor wear-resistant layer should meet national standards and be anti-scratch and anti-stain. When purchasing, you can judge its wear resistance by applying a hard object to the test.

The third major criterion: anti-slip effect

The anti-slip performance of PVC plastic flooring directly affects the safety of use. Choosing a PVC plastic floor with good anti-slip effect can reduce the risk of injury caused by slipping. When purchasing, you can use a wet hand test to test its anti-skid effect. A good PVC plastic floor should have good anti-skid properties.

Five criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooringwww.jiepeng-plastic.com

The fourth major standard: decoration style

Different decoration styles require different floor colors and patterns. PVC plastic flooring can imitate various textures and colors due to the particularity of its craftsmanship. When purchasing, you can choose the appropriate floor style according to your own preferences and overall decoration style. At the same time, it can also be matched with decorative materials such as walls and furniture to create a harmonious and unified space effect.

The fifth criterion: price and brand

The last criteria are price and brand. The price of PVC plastic flooring varies depending on factors such as brand, quality and workmanship. Generally speaking, the quality of PVC plastic flooring from well-known brands is relatively reliable, but the price is relatively high. Of course, you can also choose more cost-effective products based on your own decoration budget. Before purchasing, you can conduct multiple comparisons and consultations to choose the price and brand that suits you.

The five major criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooring are introduced in detail from five aspects: environmental protection and safety, wear resistance, anti-slip effect, decoration style and price brand. By comprehensively considering these standards, I believe you can choose a high-quality PVC plastic floor that suits you and add beauty and comfort to your home decoration. Happy shopping!

Five criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooringwww.jiepeng-plastic.com

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