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What should I pay attention to when using a mechanical keyboard for the first time? What shaft should I buy?

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The most important thing when choosing a mechanical keyboard is to choose mechanical switches. You must be familiar with black switches, red switches, green switches, brown switches, etc. Red switches and black switches have no sense of segmentation, green switches have a strong sense of segmentation, and brown switches have A slight sense of paragraphing. In addition to the sense of step, what affects the feel of the hand is the grams of pressure, and the mechanical axes of different manufacturers vary greatly.

1. Green axis

The green axis is known as the representative axis of mechanical keyboard! It has the strongest sense of paragraphing and mechanics, and the loudest key sound. The sound of light pressing is crisp and rhythmic. It is more suitable for use in office typing scenarios. If you are coming into contact with and using a mechanical keyboard for the first time, it is absolutely highly recommended to use blue switches. Because this crisp sense of passage is the ultimate experience that other axes cannot bring. The only drawback is that it is louder.

2. Black axis

The black axis is more geared towards gamers. It feels straight up and down in the hand, is hard and has no sense of segmentation, the sound is dull, and it bounces up very quickly after being pressed. Overall, I don’t have a strong sense of experience. Unless you are a daily gamer, I still don’t recommend choosing the black axis.

3. Red switches

Currently, users who choose red switches are basically the ones that many mechanical players will choose in the end. That is, when you have used mechanical keyboards with green switches, black switches and other switches, you will get tired of them after using them for a long time. You will consider the red axis. The difference is that the structure of the red switch is similar to that of the black switch. There is no sense of paragraphs, the pressure is very light, and the soft button feel is the best experience. It is also a switch that is loved by the majority of girls.

4. Tea shaft

The tea shaft is called the "universal shaft". It has a sense of passage but not as strong as the green switches. It feels soft and not as soft as the red switches. The keys have gentle rebound, making them suitable for use in various scenarios.


In addition to the feel, the layout of the buttons is also important. It is more common that some mechanical keyboards have the macro keys on the far left. Under such a design, when users want to press the leftmost Ctrl key, EsC key, etc., it is easy to press the macro button, leading to an increase in misoperations. When using this kind of keyboard, you need to gradually get used to it after using it for a period of time. On the other hand, for mechanical keyboards, ergonomic design is also very important. Generally, the keycap height, keycap surface inclination and inclination direction of each row of mechanical keyboards are different. This design makes the user's hands more comfortable during typing.


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What should I pay attention to when using a mechanical keyboard for the first time? What shaft should I buy?由Voice of the EngineerComponentsColumn releasethank you for your recognition of Voice of the Engineer and for our original works As well as the favor of the article, you are very welcome to share it on your personal website or circle of friends, but please indicate the source of the article when reprinting it.“What should I pay attention to when using a mechanical keyboard for the first time? What shaft should I buy?