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The RYZ024A wireless module from Renesas supports Cat-M1 and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) internet connectivity without the need for a gateway. Further, the RYZ024A consumes just 1 µA in power-saving mode, significantly less than competing products according to the manufacturer.

While Cat-M1 and NB-IoT are both Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies, NB-IoT uses only a portion of the available spectrum, making it more power efficient. NB-IoT also offers excellent coverage depth, including underground and in enclosed spaces.

The RYZ024A supports extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) and has an extended voltage range from 2.2 V to 5.5 V, useful for battery-powered applications. To ensure coverage at the cellular network’s edge, as well as deep indoor environments, the module provides two power-amplifier output levels: 20 dBm and 23 dBm.

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The RYZ024A is available today with Cat-M1 firmware and will be software upgradeable to support dual-mode Cat-M1 and NB-IoT next year. Renesas plans to offer a Pmod expansion kit to easily connect to Renesas MCUs. The kit will come with the fully-certified RYZ024A module, LTE antenna, SIM card, and quick start guide, including a software upgrade.

RYZ024A product page

Renesas Electronics

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