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Analysis of key points for purchasing LED display screenswww.szyhfled.com

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  • 2023-11-23 09:15:14

Analysis of key points for purchasing LED display screens 【Official website:https://www.szyhfled.com/chanpinzhanshi/175.html】

With the development of science and technology, LED displays are becoming more and more known and used by people. Professional LED displays are not only widely used in the commercial field, but also penetrate into daily life, such as stage performances, indoor and outdoor advertising, and urban buses. Stop and wait. There are many brands and models of LED displays on the market, leaving buyers faced with a massive amount of information and choices. Choosing a suitable LED display is no easy task. So how to choose the right LED display?

1. Resolution

Resolution refers to pixel density. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the LED display, the higher the clarity of the picture and the more delicate and real it will look. If paired with high-definition quality playback equipment, the effect will be even better.

2. Brightness

The brightness of an LED display is one of the important indicators to measure its quality. Generally speaking, brightness is positively related to cost. Relatively speaking, the higher the brightness, the higher the price. Therefore, when purchasing an LED display, you must fully consider the actual needs and budget, and choose the brightness suitable for the required occasion.

3. Contrast

Similar to brightness, contrast is also an indicator to pay attention to. Contrast refers to the ratio of black to white. The higher the contrast, the more conducive to the restoration of the picture, and the picture will look more thorough and beautiful. High-contrast LED displays are suitable for large-scale occasions such as performances and exhibitions.

Analysis of key points for purchasing LED display screenswww.szyhfled.com

4. View angle

The viewing angle refers to the maximum range from normal viewing of the screen to the clear picture. Generally speaking, the larger the angle, the more realistic and natural the visual space of the picture will be. As the angle increases, the brightness, contrast and other qualities of the picture will also be affected, so when purchasing, you need to consider comprehensively based on the desired occasion.

5. Grayscale

Grayscale is also one of the important indicators to measure the quality of LED display screens. It reflects the performance of the screen when displaying grayscale colors. The higher the grayscale, the smoother the picture will be, and the more delicate and realistic it will be. In addition, during the purchase process, you also need to pay attention to the grayscale uniformity of the display screen to ensure color reproduction.

6. Reliability

Reliability is also very important when choosing an LED display. A high-quality LED display should have the following characteristics: long-term stability, high reliability, good safety, strong maintainability, and easy to repair misalignments.

7. Brand and after-sales service

An excellent LED display brand should have high credibility, stability, guaranteed product quality, and a relatively complete after-sales service system to ensure users' purchase and use.

Analysis of key points for purchasing LED display screenswww.szyhfled.com

In short, to choose a good LED display screen, you need to comprehensively consider the above aspects, compare manufacturers and product brands, cost performance, quality assurance, etc., and finally select the display screen that best meets your needs.

【Official website:https://www.szyhfled.com/chanpinzhanshi/175.html】



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