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Current sensors offer bandwidths up to 10 MHz

Based on tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) technology, the TMR7303 series of sensor modules from MDT measures DC, AC, pulsed current, and arbitrary waveform current. TMR7303-D/P1 modules provide measurement ranges of ±25 A to ±300 A with bandwidths of ≥500 kHz, while TMR7303-D/P2 modules furnish measurement ranges of ±10 A and ±20 A with an enhanced bandwidth of 10 MHz.

These galvanically isolated, board-mount sensors perform current detection in photovoltaic inverters, switching power supplies, DC motor drives, and variable frequency drives. At the heart of the TMR7303 module is MDT’s TMR265x linear magnetic sensor, which integrates precision TMR sensing elements and a signal conditioning ASIC. This ASIC calibrates the zero offset, gain, temperature coefficient of sensitivity (TCS), and temperature coefficient of zero offset (TCO) of the TMR bridge circuit.

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Samples and preproduction quantities of the TMR7303-D/P1 current sensor modules, as well as the TMR265x magnetic sensor IC, are available to order from Digi-Key. Datasheets for the D/P2 variants of the current sensor module were not available at the time of this announcement.

TMR7303-D/P1 product page

TMR265x product page

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