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Demo board manages power for space

A reference design from Renesas pairs its radiation-hardened components for power management with AMD’s space-grade Versal XQRVC1902 adaptive SoC. Developed in collaboration with AMD, the ISLVERSALDEMO2Z reference design provides all the power rails required by the Versal device, including a low 0.80-V core voltage supply that can source up to 140 A.

As core voltages decrease and currents increase for FPGAs and ASICs, it has become more difficult to meet the stringent power requirements of these devices to ensure that they operate error-free. This is especially critical in space missions where power availability is limited and systems are exposed to extreme temperatures and radiation for an extended period of time.

The demo board’s ICs support a wide range of power rails for next-generation space avionics systems that require tight voltage tolerances, high current, and efficient power conversion, while withstanding the harsh environment of space. All of the power management devices have been tested and verified to withstand exposure to high levels of radiation and come in small-footprint packages. These Intersil-brand components include the ISL73847SEH dual-output PWM controller, the ISL73041SEH and ISL71441M GaN FET half-bridge drivers, and the ISL73007SEH POL regulator.

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All products are available now, and the ISLVERSALDEMO2Z reference design is available on request in limited quantities. Contact the sales team or visit the Renesas website.

ISLVERSALDEMO2Z product page

Renesas Electronics

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