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Intended for heavy pulse-load applications, like industrial lasers, the CC7500 rectifier from ABB converts three-phase AC input to a 75-VDC nominal output. The fully sealed power supply is IP65-rated to protect against the harsh elements commonly found in manufacturing environments.

The CC7500 accepts a low-line 200/208/240-VAC input that enables its use in regions where low-line utility power is available. Along with a wide-range 65-VDC to 80-VDC output, the rectifier furnishes a redundant 5-VDC standby output. It delivers constant power of 7500 W from 70 VDC to 80 VDC and operates with peak efficiency of 95%.

Offered in liquid-cooled and conduction-cooled versions, the CC7500 achieves a power density of 23.6 W/in.3 thanks to its compact form factor. Dimensions of the liquid-cooled rectifier are 218×54.3×448 mm. A ModBus/RS-485 communication interface enables the CC7600 rectifier to communicate with industry-standard programmable logic controllers typically used to control manufacturing processes.

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CC7500 datasheet

ABB Power Conversion

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