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The first entries in Toshiba’s lineup of SiC MOSFETs that use a 4-pin TO-247-4L(X) package consist of 10 devices, 5 rated at 650 V and 5 rated at 1200 V. To minimize switching loss, their 4-pin TO-247-4L(X) package allows Kelvin connection of the signal source terminal for the gate drive.

The 4-pin package reduces the effect of source wire inductance inside the package, improving high-speed switching performance. For the new TW045Z120C, turn-on loss is approximately 40% lower and turn-off loss is reduced by approximately 34%, compared to Toshiba’s current TW045N120C MOSFET in a 3-pin TO-247 package.

Third-generation MOSFETs in the TWxxxZxxxC series are intended for industrial applications, such as EV charging stations, photovoltaic inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, and switching power supplies. Key specifications include:

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Shipping now in volume quantities, the 4-pin SiC MOSFETs include the TW015Z120C, TW030Z120C, TW045Z120C, TW060Z120C, TW140Z120C, TW015Z65C, TW027Z65C, TW048Z65C, TW083Z65C, and TW107Z65C. To learn more about the benefits of the 4-pin TO-247-4L(X) package, click here.

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