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Marki Microwave has expanded its core amplifier product portfolio with three gain block amplifiers that serve as key components for a complete RF subsystem. The ADM-8622PSM, ADM-8625PSM, and ADM-8536PSM high dynamic range amplifiers cover frequency ranges of DC to 10 GHz, 0.75 GHz to 8 GHz, and 2 GHz to 20 GHz, respectively.

According to the manufacturer, the ADM-8536PSM is one of the industry’s smallest 2-GHz to 20-GHz high linearity, low noise amplifiers. Housed in a 1.3×2-mm DFN package, it features an internal bias network, DC blocking, and RF matching. The part delivers 10.5-dB gain, +25-dBm OIP3, and 2.5-dB noise figure, while its small size and low power consumption make it useful for low SWaP applications.

“Marki Microwave is traditionally recognized for its expertise in high performance mixer design, and it has taken the same approach to establish itself as a trusted supplier of parts covering every block,” said Duncan Pilgrim, vice president of sales and marketing at Marki Microwave. “The company has steadily diversified its portfolio outside of the frequency conversion portion of the block diagram. In conjunction with our growing filter capability, the expansion of the amplifier product line is critical as it means Marki can officially address everything from the front end of the system through to the analog baseband.”

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ADM-8622PSM product page

ADM-8625PSM product page

ADM-8536PSM product page

Marki Microwave

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